Information you should know about security systems

Wireless Alarms

 Do not confuse a wireless burglar alarm with wireless monitoring.   Wireless monitoring means your security system uses a cellular phone to  communicate with the central station instead of a land-line.  A  wireless security system uses transmitters/receivers to replace wires  running from your doors, windows, etc. to the control panel.  A wireless  burglar alarm is great as an alternative to exposing wires.  However, a  wireless burglar alarm is more expensive, more difficult to  troubleshoot, more prone to lightning, requires more maintenance  (batteries to replace), and wired motion detectors are superior to  wireless motion detectors.  In the long run a wireless burglar alarm  will cost you more money than a wired security system.  Think of it this  way, what is more likely to fail, a piece of wire or a  transmitter/receiver setup?  You should also know that a professional  burglar alarm technician can wire almost any home or business without  exposing wires. 

A "free" vs buying a security system

 Free security systems would be great, but nobody has one.  "Free"  usually means an installation, activation, or some other fee.  "Free"  really means an INFLATED rate for monthly monitoring and a long term  contract.  Did you know that the word installation does not convey  possession, it means you paid  a burglar alarm company to install their  equipment in your home or business.  It is simple, if you did not pay a  sales tax, you did not buy anything.  A commonly offered security system  by a national company includes two (2) door contacts and one (1) motion  detector for about $35.00 per month over three years.  That is  $1,260.00.  We sell that security system for $199.00.  Our central  station monitoring fee is $240.00 per year.  So, do the math.  Over the  same three year period our security system will cost $920.00.  That is a  savings of $340.00, or in other words, that "free" burglar alarm  actually costs $340.00.  But wait, what if you use the security system  for 10 years.  Their security system will cost $4,200.00 as compared to  $2,600.00 for our burglar alarm over the same period. Sounds like "free"  is really, really expensive!!!!!!!!!!  What you are actually doing is  financing your burglar alarm through inflated monitoring fees.  You  would be better off purchasing your security system on a credit card  rather than getting a "free" security system.

Security cameras are a "cashcow" for security companies because the more you record the higher the monthly fee.  You are better off buying a security camera system with its own recording capability and saving the monthly fee.  Both types of security camera systems can be viewed remotely.


 Security systems should always include an outside siren.  Inside sirens  can be optional because your keypad will beep during a burglar alarm,  but outside sirens are a must.  Companies that install burglar alarms that do not have an outside siren are making you rely solely on their monitoring  for a response to a burglar alarm.  That's right, it is all about making  sure you continue to make that  monthly payment.  If your land-line is  cut you have a "useless" burglar alarm.  A smart burglar will look for  the yard signs of national companies because he knows that in most cases  all he has to do is cut the phone line and the burglar alarm is  disabled.  So outsmart the intruder. Good security systems will have  both an inside and outside siren.  We also install a telephone line  monitor which activates both sirens whenever the telephone line is cut  so that your security system is activated while the burglar is still  standing outside your home or business.  This is a standard burglar alarm feature for all security systems we sell and it comes at no extra  cost to you.  Of course, we always recommend using a cellular phone  (wireless monitoring) as a backup or primary means of communicating with the central station. Additionally, security cameras compliment your overall security needs.

Cable/Telephone Modems

 If your phone service uses a modem be aware that on a loss of power your  phone system will shutdown.  That means your security system is no  longer being monitored because it has lost its ability to communicate  with the central station.  If you have a modem from a cable company,  make sure your modem has a battery backup or, to enhance your security  system, add wireless monitoring to your security system.