Monitoring Rates for Security Systems

  • Central Station Monitoring as low as $22.00/month
  • Wireless Monitoring as low as $16.00/month
  • Texts & Alerts as low as $20.00/month
  • Self Montioring as low as $5.00/month
  • Security Cameras as low as $20.00/month


*Senior - 65 years of age or older.

**Remote arming/disarming from cellphone/computer.  Text alerts and emails sent on arming/disarming events and alarm activation to your cellphone or computer.  This service requires the customer to have a smart phone with a data plan.

our monitoring/cellphone rates for security systems

Central Station Monitoring

Personnel available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to respond to fire/security cameras/medical/burglar alarms originating from the security systems of our customers.


Yearly            $270

Semi-Annual $137

Quarterly       $75 

Monthly         $24

Seniors *

Yearly            $250

Semi-Annual $127

Quarterly        $65

Monthly           $22

Self Monitoring

The customer is responsible for calling the police/fire/medical authorities when the security system generates a text or email to their cellphone or computer.  Self monitoring requires enrollment as an interactive wireless customer.  This is a very good deal for cost minded customers who only use their burglar alarm when they are away from their home or business.  Security cameras can also be used to verify these alarms.

Yearly            $60

Semi-Annual $35

Quarterly       $20

Monthly         $8

Wireless Monitoring (via cellphone)

Wireless Monitoring (via cellphone) - Requires participation in the Self Monitoring or Central Station Monitoring program.  This can be either primary or as a backup to a land line.

Interactive** Texts and Alerts

  • Yearly            $210
  • Semi-Annual $110
  • Quarterly       $57
  • Monthly          $20

No Data

  • Yearly $160
  • Semi Annual $85 
  • Quarterly $45
  • Monthly $16